⚒ Adding React DevTools to Your Swiss Army Knives of Coding with React


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About me

React DevTools v4 is out

demo walk through my usage

  • use chrome for the "reload & start profiling" feature
  • read that the first few rerenders were about router + async loading
  • the profile is grouped by commits
  • colors of those commits
  • browsing commits
  • gives you a ground to visualize and reason about your react app

in case it didn't work

component filters

  • host nodes are hidden by default
  • they won't show up in the profiler tab

inspecting props, state

  • you can edit state / props

rendered by

  • will highlight the component that renders this component as well as the other component it renders

render list

  • then zooms in to that component and lists out all the component it renders

log more information about component

render profile

Profiler API

This is not directly associated with dev tools but is something we can use that helps us profile our app. Particularly powerful because we can integrate the API with our code.

function onRenderCallback(
  id, // the "id" prop of the Profiler tree that has just committed
  phase, // either "mount" (if the tree just mounted) or "update" (if it re-rendered)
  actualDuration, // time spent rendering the committed update
  baseDuration, // estimated time to render the entire subtree without memoization
  startTime, // when React began rendering this update
  commitTime, // when React committed this update
  interactions // the Set of interactions belonging to this update
) {
  console.group(`profiling ${id}`);
  console.log(id, phase);

there are more features

won't demo cuz i still want to ⚡️

⚛️ check it out yourselves

🤔 caring about rendering

One interesting (actually not interesting, let's call it my dumbness) thing I noticed from my experience was that I've wasted a lot of time trying to figure out only why my component re-rendered.

However, there's deeper reasons why we're not sure we'd be adding it back. It contributes to the wrong idea that re-renders by themselves are bad (they're not if they're cheap). So people spend time optimizing useless things and missing actual performance issues.

Dan's comment from the issue

knowing only that a component rendered isn't really useful, we need to at least take into account 1) how long it takes to render and 2) why it renders

also Dan's comment from the issue

when we care about re-rendering:

  • performance: how long it takes
  • systematic waste: is that component causing excessive & unnecessary re-renders
  • real bug: is anything wrong / undesired about that re-render

learning more...